Melbourne: Food Republik

On nights when you just want steak and after a hard gym session, letting someone else make food decision on your behalf is definitely not a good idea. If, however, you want an option that hits the protein and carb spots, then Food Republik is the place to be!


Located in the leafy suburbs of Box Hill (and right across from a place that had steak night specials) I was definitely intrigued by the way their menu was designed. Of course, given that it was a catch up with PB, I was swayed (/worn down..I’m not sure which as yet) by the fact that they have different cuisines being offered from the one kitchen. You choose an Asian Cuisine – Korean, Thai, Chinese and/or Japanese, and they would bring it out for you. One would almost be forgiven for believing that they have travelled to these Asian places given all the delectable aromas wafting through the air.

Whilst I did have a say in some of my menu options, I left most of the decisions to PB, something he loves doing (just kidding champ).

Lamb Dumplings

We started off on lamb dumplings that were quite delicious. According to PB’s research, this was a must have item on the menu and it did not disappoint.

White Chocolate Goodness

He ordered a white chocolate drink (ladies, take note, instant brownie points in my books). Yes, it was delicious but at the same time, every sip I took was utter diabetic coma inducing happiness. I could feel the efforts of my gym session being negated as this sweet nectar from Food Republik slowly and deliberately made it’s way to my stomach.

Pork Burger (Bao)

This was followed by a Pork burger or a Bao. I’m not too sure on the name. This fluffy and filling morsel definitely hit my carb targets. For the week…

Spicy Beef and Lamb stir fry

And then my option, the one dish I chose, the mains, arrived. I really really wished I had worn more comfortable pants because I was at risk of killing or at the very least seriously injuring someone with the pant button about to pop. My mains consisted of beef and pork, garnished with some spring onions and corriander. One word. Amazing.

Chinese Doughnuts

And to finish it off… there were the chinese doughnuts. Yes. At this point, PB could see the rage in my eyes as I had to consume this one more dish. Of course, he didn’t know that 2 came per serving. I think perhaps, he was hungry and I wasn’t as much. I really should have ordered instead. If anything, I would say, give this item a miss on the menu. It didn’t have any sweetness. It felt like you were eating plain batter.

Yet, the night was filled with funky Asian tones, good laughs and delicious meals that I wasn’t about to forget any time soon.

TDT: 4.0/5 – Definitely a place to be!

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Melbourne: Heart of St Kilda Concert

Every year, there is one concert that’s really worth it. One that I’m willing to break my self imposed rules to attend. Never has a festival had such an amazing line up of comedians, local favourites and the true heart of the suburb of st kilda.

The St Kilda festival is a celebrated and well loved event that never fails to impress. You see, I’ve always wanted to go to the Palais Theater. It’s a true icon of Melbourne and one that shouldn’t be missed. Now admittedly, if you’re in a rush, then by all chances, give this place a miss as you need a day in this beautiful place to get the most of the experience. The palais has seen many iterations and is currently undergoing some much deserved structural updates to ensure that it’s preserved for future generations. So if you’re a tourist with time on your hands or a local looking for something to do then ensure you make the palais a must see stop on your travels.

The festival itself was splendid. There were so many home grown talents that I hadn’t heard of and am ashamed to admit never even heard of. The delights of Vika and Linda Bull, Greg Champion, Uncle Jack Charles made my heart swell with pride at our talent. Never have I been so moved at a concert before. I guess, I wasn’t expecting it and it came as quite a surprise. One of my favourite bands also came on – the Melbourne Ska Orchestra. Their rendition of ‘Best things in life are free‘ has been used as the theme song for freeview (the digital channels in Australia that promise to be free). After that, I’ve been hooked. It was all thanks to Lewy, a good friend of mine from Scotland that got me into Ska but I never really kept up with the genre, falling back into the categories I know and love

In finding this local group, my love for ska was rekindled. And when I found out that they’d be performing at the festival, my mind was blown! The line up was well worth the entry fee. However, I can’t say that I paid for the tickets. I won them through work thanks to my volunteering efforts. So thanks work! However, I loved the festival so much that I decided to attend the festival next year by paying for the tickets. It was really that amazing.

Definitely a 4/5 in my books. And as I mentioned, if you want to experience the magic of the Palais, then ensure you make the time to do it. Don’t rush. It’s worth the slowed pace.

Palais Theatre

Palais Theatre

Melbourne: Pok Pok Junior

As a big fan of Thai food, I will search high and low to find a great treat no matter where it might be located. When Pok Pok opened in Docklands, it was, in my opinion the first bastion of possibility to the area. Their coffee was amazing and the food delicious. If anything, my first ever Urbanspoon post was on them!
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Melbourne Open House: Coop’s Shot Tower and Museum

Coop's Shot Tower and Museum

I didn’t quite catch what this place was all about. From what I gathered is that they used to make shots. How and why? I don’t know. This was towards the end of my tour, having clocked close to 20,000 steps and been walking for 2 hours straight without water and food. (I didn’t get the chance to eat).
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Melbourne Open House: State Library of Victoria – La Trobe Reading Room

La Trobe Reading Room

The La Trobe reading room is always open. Plus it has been used in a few movies – extra points for you if know which one. I’ll narrow it down for you. It’s one of the ones that Katie Holmes did in the noughties. If that doesn’t get you, then checking out the Ned Kelly armour is another worthwhile visit.
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Melbourne Open House: State Library of Victoria – Queen’s Reading Room

Queen's Reading Room

This room, in it’s hey day was spectacular. Or perhaps it’s my love of black and white photography that is tainting my views. If that’s the case, the current restoration will give you some idea of how amazing this place is.
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Melbourne Open House: Myer Mural Hall

Myer Mural Hall

I don’t know whether this was always there in the Myer building or if it’s a new addition. If it’s new, then it’s definitely worth a visit. Why?
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