Melbourne Open House: Coop’s Shot Tower and Museum

Coop's Shot Tower and Museum

I didn’t quite catch what this place was all about. From what I gathered is that they used to make shots. How and why? I don’t know. This was towards the end of my tour, having clocked close to 20,000 steps and been walking for 2 hours straight without water and food. (I didn’t get the chance to eat).


It’s going to go back on the list for next year. For now, please enjoy the few photographs. All I can say, is that the place was closed off to most people and there really wasn’t much to check out when you were in there. I did feel a bit disappointed. But I’m not sure what it stemmed from.

Doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy the pictures….

Melbourne Open House: State Library of Victoria – La Trobe Reading Room

La Trobe Reading Room

The La Trobe reading room is always open. Plus it has been used in a few movies – extra points for you if know which one. I’ll narrow it down for you. It’s one of the ones that Katie Holmes did in the noughties. If that doesn’t get you, then checking out the Ned Kelly armour is another worthwhile visit.

Plus, they’re always having free exhibitions. If you live here and are not taking advantage of this, I don’t know what is wrong with you. Like seriously. This place is all kinds of cool. Besides, books are coming back in. With the current exhibition, you can see the smallest books ever written (called the midget collection) along with the oldest version of the Torah and Qu’aran. They’re 1000s of years old and under temperature controlled cases.


Why are you still reading this and not making a move towards the library? For real. Come on people. Hustle….

Melbourne Open House: State Library of Victoria – Queen’s Reading Room

Queen's Reading Room

This room, in it’s hey day was spectacular. Or perhaps it’s my love of black and white photography that is tainting my views. If that’s the case, the current restoration will give you some idea of how amazing this place is.


To be honest, I could have stayed here for a little while. The light, the ambience and the visitors were all absorbed by the atmosphere the place generated. I still don’t know how else to describe it. It’s something you’re going to have to experience for yourself.

Melbourne Open House: Myer Mural Hall

Myer Mural Hall

I don’t know whether this was always there in the Myer building or if it’s a new addition. If it’s new, then it’s definitely worth a visit. Why?


Because the painter who loved the woman form, decided to do most of these paintings before he was conscripted to the war. And that’s when he lost his arm. As a painter, to lose your arm, is the worst possible thing. But you know what he did? He learned how to paint with his other hand.

Now, when you check out the photos. Can you tell me which ones were done before the war and which ones were done after? You’ll have to go to the place or visit the tour to find out. Or maybe if you ask really nicely, I just might let you in on the secret.

Melbourne Open House: Scot’s Church and Assembly Hall

Scot's Church and Assembly Hall

More than once I have walked/travelled past this place and never once did I stop to have a look within here. I was glad I did. There is something about old churches that always makes me wonder. If these buildings could talk, what would they say? How many things have they seen? Survived? Or are yet to see?


If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend you get to this place at the next open house.

Melbourne Open House: The Melbourne Athenaeum

The Melbourne Athaneum

Did you know that the Athenaeum has a library?! Well neither did I!! And they have an amazing range of rare books which is every book lover’s dream. For a measly $99/year, you can check out up to 30 books at a time, countless of eBooks and there are no late fees. They have a whole range of other things you can do here – book clubs, classic movie marathons. You just don’t know what is out there, until you look.


The Melbourne Athenaeum is an amazing old building, and the accoustics are even better. I remember enjoying Carl Barron perform here.

I’ll leave you with the pictures. Just amazing. Simply amazing.

Melbourne Open House: Melbourne Town Hall

Melbourne Town Hall

The incoming flurry of photographs haven’t even begun. Here’s some of what I captured during my visit to the Melbourne Town Hall.


Some key things to note:

- The Beatles were at the centre (imitation photograph replicating said situation has been taken)
– All the Moomba kings and Queens have been honoured with having their photos on the wall.
– You can see all of Melbourne’s ties with other countries in and around the place.
– Subsequently, you can sit in on a town meeting too. You have to check out the chairs. They were designed with comfort in mind. Back in the early 1900s. Now, that was forward thinking for me. Basically, the seat came out, allowing people to lean back into the chair. It’s comfort level went from being awesome, to inesplicably amazing.
– Yes, I did get excited about a chair. But what of it?
– The flags trace the lineage of the Royal families that have visited.
– Experiencing the grand piano playing is another sight to behold and absorb in.
– Yes, they have tours at 11 am daily.
– Every year, it does get dressed up. Here’s what happened to the Melbourne Town Hall in Christmas 2013.


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