Sunshine Coast: Ocean Street World Festival

A true world festival, I must admit that I was amazed at the events and scrumptious food on display on the Sunshine Coast.

I always set my expectations really low for locally organised festivities. Experience has always let me down but 2015 is shaping up to be one that’s defying these odds.

First of all this was an entire day of festivities. If anything, I wish I had gone the entire day but there are some things that are just more important. This. This is more important.

Coffee Rum Liquer – the only one that's drinkable to me.

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But that’s a whole other story.

First of all there were events for everyone. Little ones to adults. As excited as I may have been, I couldn’t bring myself to get into one of those zorb balls. Especially as all my competitors would have been little kids. Then there were the countless hand designed clothes by the locals which, even at night, brought a sparkle that needs to be seen to be appreciated. My 5 attempts to capture it was all in vain.

The music and general atmosphere was electric. The vibes were cool and the food stalls were all tempting with aromas that made you hungry even if you had just eaten.

More fun at the Ocean Street World Festival – Spicy Sauerkraut with mustard #delicious

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I settled for German sauerkraut – the spicy one which….whilst delicious, wasn’t as hot as I expected. But it was a handful to try and consume which made me enjoy it more!

However…. It wasn’t enough. I felt like it didn’t quite hit the spot. If I ate another sauerkraut, I would have been too full. G introduced me to spring rolls. Look. I’ve had my fair share of spring rolls and I love Springvale (suburb in Melbourne) for it’s high Asian concentration of people and thus food, but these rolls were genuinely amazing.

Ocean Street food festival! The best damn curry chicken spring rolls in town! #delicious

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Curry chicken rolls that were just made, dripping with delicious warm curry and succulent chopped tender chicken was just magnificent. Add to it the sweet chilli sauce and boom….I was in heaven.

There was a party in my mouth and I was invited.

Plus, because it was well stuffed, you couldn’t bite into it delicately or with airs. Once you bit into it, that was that. You had to consume it all. There was no looking back. I’m sure I looked like I was devouring this small piece of food, but I didn’t care. And anyone that did get this option had this sudden silence befall them once they ate. A sure sign of a great meal.

Finally, Queensland is famous for it’s mangoes and I couldn’t leave the festival without getting a mango smoothie. Thick, sweet and cooling all at the same time. I almost forgot about the high humidity. Almost. It was then I wished that we could invent something that would never end. A never ending supply of mango smoothie.


Next time, I’ll make sure I stay for the entire day. All up the food came to $20. Not a bad amount to get a decent amount of stomach satisfying satiety.

Ocean Street Festival. A true festival with epic proportions! #adventure

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The Ocean Street World Festival only occurs around Easter in the Sunshine Coast. If you are in the area, you absolutely must check it.

Make sure you bring change. You’re going to need it!

Music: Melbourne Ska Orchestra

Ska is a very different style of music. It’s the combination of a big band with jazz, blues, hip hop, pop, soul and everything in between all mashed together.

After being introduced to this style of music by L back in 2006, I’ve been on the hunt for local talent. So when the TV commercial came on using a memorable tune with a fresh twist, I knew I had to hear more from these guys.

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Music: Brooklyn’s Finest

Brooklyn's Finest

Brooklyn’s Finest live in that small space where soul, funk, disco and pop all collide to form one groovy danceable mess!

If that isn’t an introduction, I don’t know what is.
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Music: The OnFires

The OnFires

Have you ever felt that some people were just more extraordinary than others? That there’s something about their presence or their manners. You just know. Back in 2005, I had the pleasure of meeting exactly this kind of lady. Max. I knew her only as a Windows Server Deployment Manager. Later on I found out about her real passion. A rock superstar!

The OnFires, is an evolution of the band I knew as “Asleep in the Park”. My favourite song of theirs is (and still remains) Skeleton.

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Music: The Idea of North

The Idea of North

I’m kicking off my week of talented Australian musos with my favourite band that I fell in love with back in 2001 after I saw them do a rendition of “When somebody loved me” from Toy Story 2.

I know this isn’t them, but the arrangement is. Get your tissues ready.

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Bits and Bobs: Music Included

Yarra River

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update and here’s where I am taking this blog. I’ve noticed that more and more people have enjoyed my tangent posts and to those that have privately encouraged me to do my own thing. Thank you! Here’s to us.

I do not intend on creating a motivation inspired blog or anything of that sort. There’s plenty of that. No, I am here to help you get moving in the direction you want. And to change your perspective on the things happening around you. You may see this through the books I review, the fact that I got published on Superior Man or that I am finally launching my own Photography Blog! (Details coming soon).

This week, as a challenge to myself, I will be introducing some of the local musical acts that you may not have heard of. Talent, born and bred right here in Australia. Sure, some of them have reached international fame. Even so, they are still a class act in their own and you will enjoy their work no matter what. If you do love them, I strongly urge you to support their work. With more and more artists choosing to remain independent, recommendations such as this, remains one of the best ways to discover new artists.

So whether you are a visitor or a home grown hero – here’s to us discovering some of the best new talents outside of the commercial arenas.

Have you come across any of the talents that you believe I should check out? Leave me a comment, I answer each and everyone.

The Basin: The Basin Music Festival

Melbourne Transformers

They say,

“Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you try to chase it, the further it gets away from you. But if you stop and wait, it will come and rest gently on your shoulder.”

I belive it was Calvin Coolidge, then again, I was never one for getting the quote attribution right. The Basin Music Festival is an annual event run by the locals to highlight what’s best about the area.

Needless to say, I was impressed. Nay – I was blown away.
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